Feel secure at all times

End-to-end encryption — the ultimate security you need

Everyone needs their privacy and intimacy when they communicate with one another. That is why we at HELLO Solaborate Messenger make sure to offer you the ultimate security you need through end-to-end encryption.

Prevent third parties from taking a peek at your messages

With the mission to protect your security all the time, we prevent any third parties from deciphering any of your messages so you can communicate freely with your family, friends, colleagues, and so on, without worrying if anyone else is taking a peek at what you are sending or receiving.

We respect your privacy

Not even we as HELLO Solaborate are able to have access to your encrypted messages or store them on our servers. Our servers are only used as a message transmitter and will keep your messages safe until the recipient receives it. We understand how important anyone’s privacy is, and we respect your privacy and security as much as we respect our own privacy.
Only you and the person you are communicating with can see the messages and listen to your calls.

Never think twice before sending a message

Via end-to-end encryption, now you won’t think twice before communicating with anyone through our platform.
How is that achieved?
Whenever you open a new Secret Conversation with any connection of yours, all the messages you send are encrypted and can only be read in plain text by that specific person you are communicating with.

Compare your security keys

To prove your messages are secured and encrypted, you can compare your conversation security key with any person you are talking to, so you can see whether your security keys are the same or not. The keys can be found under the settings of each conversation.

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