Draw, Write and Collaborate

Use the pen tool, change its thickness, pick any color you like and let your creativity flow. You can write, draw, and erase with any object of your choice on HELLO Touch TV’s interactive display with 10 touch points.

Share your Whiteboard, Invite People, and Switch to Conference


Share your Whiteboard

Share your whiteboard link with anyone you want to show what you are drawing or writing in real-time.


Invite People to Join

Invite people to join your whiteboard so you can write and draw simultaneously and make changes on the fly.


Start a Conference

Simply press the “Switch to Conference” button so you can start a video conference and use whiteboarding at the same time.

Share your whiteboard, invite people and start conference

Interactive board + Video Conference

Real-Time Video Conferencing &

Powered by HELLO 2, the HELLO Touch is the smartest and most affordable 4K Touch TV with 10 touching points for real-time collaboration, digital whiteboarding, video conferencing, wireless sharing, and more!

Extend your screen

Dual Screen with HELLO 2

Connect HELLO 2 with two TVs at the same time so you can use two different features on two separate TVs such as Whiteboarding and Video Calling.

Collaborate in real-time from any device

It doesn’t matter which device you are using — you will be able to join the whiteboarding session from a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop.


Use Whiteboarding and Control any Conference Call From Your Tablet

Through our HELLO Room Controller app you’ll be able to start a conference call, invite people, switch to whiteboarding and control the conference call via any android tablet.

If you want to use all whiteboarding features, Sign up

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