7 Tips How to Make Remote Communication as Efficient as Possible


Here are some tips for freelancers to improve online communication with potential customers.

1. Involving greeting

Of course, everyone knows that the customer must be welcomed. But not everyone does it. Even those who do sometimes make mistakes, because just saying hello is not enough. You need to be able to save customers time and, at the welcome stage, take the initiative, offer competent assistance. So you will quickly endeavor to the client, help him start a conversation.

2. Efficiency

Online communication implies a fast response rate so do not keep them waiting. In extreme cases, you can take a short pause to search for an answer to a question, warning the potential customer that you need a few minutes.

3. Completeness of the answer

Discussing the details of the upcoming project, be ready to answer all the questions posed from the beginning to the end. By doing so, you will once again be able to demonstrate your professionalism and seriousness of intentions.

4. Clarifying questions

It is always necessary to ask clarifying questions. Even if at this stage you understand everything, be sure to write that you will once again analyze all the details and be sure to ask all the questions whenever they appear.

5. Politeness

Freelancers of any direction should follow the rules of etiquette and accepted standards of service because this is an important component of your image and customer focus. 

6. Literacy

The lack of literate writing is an alarming sign for a potential customer. Even if your task is to code or draw logotypes, rather than write articles for a corporate blog, your literacy is another evidence of your value as a specialist. 

7. Logical completion of the conversation

Every conversation with a client must be logically completed. Clarify whether you answered all the questions and ask them if you can help with something else if necessary. Be sure to politely say goodbye to the client.

The goal of remote collaboration is to provide the same high-quality service as in face-to-face communication, build understanding with the client and make sure to complete the task on time. As you can see, ensuring high-quality remote interaction is not at all difficult.

Clients value attention to themselves and their needs, so it is very important to be attentive, participate, be polite, and most importantly, quickly find answers to questions, ask counter-questions and take initiative.


Diana Nadim is a content and academic writer with a Master’s degree in the field of Marketing. She is an eternal researcher, and the ability to possess a large amount of data allows her to create really valuable media and academic content. Now she helps students at Best Essay Education and Grab My Essay, as well as develops her 3to5 Marketing blog. She loves travelling and meeting new people, so feel free to follow her on Twitter. 

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