The Benefits of Digital Whiteboarding in Education


The days when we had chalk all over our hands and messy marker stains are long gone. With the invention of Digital Whiteboarding, we can now draw and write with a special pen or just use fingers and hands.

What is a digital whiteboard and how can you use it with HELLO 2 and HELLO Touch?

According to Techopedia, a Digital whiteboard “is a two-dimensional display space utilizing digital design. In contrast to traditional whiteboards, where physical media like markers are used to construct content, digital whiteboards typically involve a stylus or other tool for users to create digital writing, drawings or designs.”

The primary use of the HELLO Touch TV powered by HELLO 2 is to transform your TV into a digital whiteboard with tight connection to video and audio so you can collaborate, as well as use video conferencing and wireless screen sharing in real-time from any device and from any physical location.

With 10 touch points, you can let your creativity flow when using the digital whiteboarding feature. Use the pen tool, pick any color of your choice, change the thickness and start collaborating and interacting with your team in real-time.

One of the multiple options the digital whiteboard offers is that anything written on the digital whiteboard can be saved for future reference. You will also be able to join the whiteboarding session from any device that you are using, it doesn’t matter if it’s from a mobile phone, a tablet or a laptop.

Interactive whiteboards in education have brought significant benefits and improvements by simplifying the learning process. The technology has grown exponentially over the past few years and has been used in all levels of learning, including primary schools, high schools, universities, and other educational institutions.

In the world of teaching, one of the most difficult things to do is capture the hearts of children but, keeping their attention is an even bigger challenge. That is why a digital whiteboard in a classroom affects and engages both, the students and teachers. With HELLO 2 and HELLO Touch TV, we want to help you make the most of it and that is why these two HELLO 2 products work perfectly together to bring the many benefits of digital whiteboarding into every classroom.

What are the benefits of digital whiteboarding in education?


1.  It makes it easier for teachers to structure their daily lectures and brainstorming sessions

The touch screen allows teachers to write, draw, import files, photos, as well as move all the drawings around by using their fingers, a special pen, or their hands. When using whiteboarding on HELLO Touch TV, you can also erase anything by using your hand or any other large object. Most of the teachers have difficulties when creating a daily lesson plan with a detailed description of the lesson. Before the digital whiteboard “era”, teachers used to spend hours writing everything down for the next class and then rewrite it all on the whiteboard or chalkboard.

But, with the Digital whiteboard that HELLO 2 and HELLO Touch TV offer, teachers can write their lesson, plan in advance, save them accordingly, and then easily share with students when they are ready. It’s easy to formulate a plan, a brainstorming session, add pictures, match words with meaning, and more!

2. It increases the engagement between teachers and students

Getting students’ attention and engaging them with the class has always been a difficult task. The digital whiteboards give teachers an extraordinary opportunity to be creative in any classroom environment, where students with different learning styles can learn in a fun and interactive way.

Some of the students learn best by listening, some of them by speaking, and some of them prefer images, audio or video. Thanks to the digital whiteboard, anyone can find themselves in the classroom and learn faster. Since digital whiteboarding offers a more entertaining and visual way of learning, it can help students stay more focused, which in turn will make them interact more and better behave. They can even get up and select the right answers of any question or task directly on the digital whiteboard.

3. It makes the learning process more fun and creative

As mentioned earlier, digital whiteboarding engages students throughout the lesson, helps them learn through different activities, and makes any lesson more fun. Students also interact with one another more, and they will be more likely to not miss classes in the future.

It increases students’ interest and they will be more eager to try out all the functions of the digital whiteboard as well as use it to draw and play games after they are done with their classes.

With 10 touch points, two or more students can solve a math problem at the same time or draw a diagram together at the same time. Presentations will also be delivered in a more creative and memorable way.

You can also share presentations with other students through Wireless Screen sharing that HELLO 2 offers or simply invite others into the digital whiteboarding session so they can make changes to the whiteboard in real-time.

Importing files and photos is also a great feature that keeps students more interacted and makes lessons more memorable.

4. It makes it easier for students to interact even when they are not physically attending the class

With the access to the internet any students who cannot attend the class in person, can still join a video or audio call on HELLO 2 and switch to whiteboarding whenever they want to see what the teacher is writing and presenting in real time. They can also participate by taking notes, making changes to the whiteboard, and be engaged at all time, never missing a lecture.

5. It is easy to use and saves teaching costs

Private and government-sponsored schools invest a lot on different tools such as dry markers, erasers, chalk, and even painting the blackboard each year. All these expenses are unnecessary when digital whiteboarding and video conferencing are used. All you need to do is connect the HELLO 2 device with HELLO Touch TV, or any other touch TV that you already have and start using the digital whiteboard feature right away.

Furthermore, these two devices can last a lifetime, which makes them a great investment for any educational institution.

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Do you have any other ideas or recommendations we can add on our list?

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