Why is Video Conferencing beneficial for Companies and Remote Workers Worldwide?


In today’s world, people don’t necessarily have to be in an office in order to work and get their tasks done. Technology has advanced to a point where the whole world is interconnected and distance doesn’t have the same meaning anymore. Need to attend a meeting that is thousands of miles away from you? You can easily do so via Video Conferencing.

What is video conferencing?

According to Search Unified Communications “Video conferencing can occur between two participants in a peer-to-peer call, or between multiple participants via a video conferencing bridge, sometimes called a multipoint control unit. The bridge can be located within a company network or can available from a service provider, on a subscription or metered basis, or for free, depending on the intended use and service model.

Video conferencing will also include an audio channel, and may include a document or screen sharing capability. Video conferencing can exist on a company's internal network, although when external participants join, they generally connect over the Internet using a specialized type of firewall.”

Video Conferencing is the most popular method used by companies worldwide because it offers higher quality calls compared to Web conferencing and it is preferred even more than Audio conferencing because through video conferencing people can see each other and feel like they are located in the same place whenever they schedule an online meeting.

Since everyone can see each other, people will pay more attention to what is being discussed and meeting participants will be less distracted by their phones or other stuff that might be happening around them because they don’t want to appear unprofessional.

Powerful and end-to-end communication device HELLO 2, for example, is perfect for Video Conferencing.

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This all-in-one device also supports some of the best video conferencing platforms out there such as Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Google Hangouts Meet, Zoom, Cisco WebEx, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, BlueJeans, Polycom RealPresence, Fuze, Unify, and more. All its users are also able to install any other video conferencing platforms of their choice and any Android app that they like.

Why is video conferencing beneficial for Companies and Remote Workers Worldwide?

Since remote workers can choose a working plan that best fits their needs and their “office” can be anywhere from their living room to a coffee shop they are often in need to better communicate and collaborate with their employers, managers, clients, or colleagues. That is why having a reliable device that offers high-quality audio and video calls is highly recommended.

Video Conferencing can remove barriers, be it political or geographical barriers and has made running a business abroad much easier. Companies of all sizes can have access to way more resources, open their branches in different countries, as well as hire remote workers that can work for different projects from anywhere in the world.

Companies no longer need to hire and send extra people to another country to physically attend the meetings, discussions, presentations happening in their company’s branch. They can simply use a video conferencing system and use audio or video calls, screencasting, screen sharing, whiteboarding, and so on to be there every time they have to be “present” at a certain meeting or presentation.

The same way, remote workers can use video conferencing along the latest technologies to avoid missing any important meetings and presentations. They will no longer feel disconnected and they can be productive in company meetings without necessarily being present at the office.

Furthermore, big and small companies can use video conferencing to gain more loyal customers and clients. Video conferencing helps them create professional relationships anywhere in the world and they can do that without having to spend extra money for traveling. Remote workers can save not only money, but also energy, time, and can avoid jet-lag as well.

Do you have any other suggestions why video conferencing is an important tool for companies and remote workers worldwide?

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