HELLO Touch TV and Digital Whiteboarding


Collaboration is an essential part of an organization in every industry. Being able to communicate ideas thoroughly is key when it comes to the productivity of an organization.

In this age of digital connectivity, there are plenty of opportunities to enhance collaboration and communication efforts within and outside the organization.

One such device capable of enhancing collaboration efforts is the HELLO Touch TV. Coupled with HELLO 2, the 65-inch HELLO Touch is the smartest and most affordable 4K Touch TV with 10 multi-touch points for real-time collaboration, digital whiteboarding, video conferencing, wireless sharing, and more.

The touchscreen function of the HELLO Touch TV, besides making it easier to navigate throughout and interact with the device,  can be fully utilized with one of the most prominent features of HELLO 2: digital whiteboarding. At its core, the whiteboard has always been used as a physical tool for sharing ideas but a digital one is even more efficient as it does not require physical presence for its use. Moreover, the digital whiteboard is much more visually presentable with its various functions and colors compared to a physical traditional whiteboard.

Presentations with HELLO Touch TV can be exhibited effortlessly be it locally within an organization or outside of the organization with remote employees. The dual screen capability of the device enables the combination of two core features for collaboration and communication: video conferencing and whiteboarding. These two features combined with the dual-screen function, the capabilities for collaboration increase by dividing the core features on two screens for maximum exposure and utilization.

Among many options of utilizing the dual-screen, here is one as an example: the video conferencing call can be administered on one screen and the whiteboarding on the other screen. This way, keeping track of the video call with all the people involved and using the interactive and digital whiteboard amongst all the people involved, can be done with maximum utilization of the aforementioned features.

The HELLO Touch TV can be used for leisure time as well. Watching movies and playing casual computer games are among the many available options. Leisure time at the office or at home with this device is quite entertaining. Built-in apps such as Netflix, Youtube, HBO Now, Twitch, Soundcloud, Spotify and more, provide platforms for watching movies, videos, streams and listening to songs which will surely keep you entertained during your free time. Video games are also a great way to get entertained. Playing with your colleagues or significant others during leisure time is always fun and de-stressing. Besides the built-in gaming apps, you can download any Android gaming apps directly on HELLO 2.

HELLO Touch TV complements the main product HELLO 2 in various ways by enhancing and enabling the features and functions of HELLO 2, especially the Digital Whiteboarding feature.

The HELLO 2 product line with all its software and hardware solutions is capable of enhancing and making it easier to collaborate and communicate in any given situation. With HELLO Touch TV and HELLO 2 you can collaborate with your colleagues efficiently as well as stay in touch and interact with your family or friends, regardless of distance.

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