How communication devices are changing the way people interact in the workplace?


Technology has become such an integral part of our daily lives. It keeps simplifying job functions, raising productivity, performance, and job satisfaction.

We no longer need to take notes on a piece of paper or take photos of a traditional whiteboard every time before the notes are erased. With today’s technology, we can take notes directly on our tech devices and share it with everyone in a split of a second. With the rise of digital Whiteboards, we can also draw, and write on the digital whiteboard.

With HELLO 2, and 4K HELLO Touch TV with multi-touching points + Digital Whiteboarding you can have high-quality video conferences, write and draw on the infinite canvas of the digital whiteboard, save any whiteboarding session for later, share any whiteboarding session with anyone you want in real time, and so much more.

Technology inventions are erasing all the communication, management, task-performing barriers. Here are some of the ways communication devices like HELLO 2 and HELLO Touch are changing the way people interact in the workplace:

1. Increased Collaboration

With HELLO 2, you can make unlimited, secure, and high-quality audio and video conferences. Whether you want to communicate with your own colleagues or with customers and potential clients, HELLO 2 is always there to assist you. Managers and their employees can communicate effortlessly with this device that takes less than 2 minutes to be setup. You can also use its screen sharing and wireless screencasting features to share any files and presentations in real-time.

The primary function of HELLO Touch is to serve as a digital whiteboard wherein all parties on a call can simultaneously share their screens and discuss, draw, annotate on the Touch TV in real-time. Now your virtual teams all over the world can collaborate with one another from any device.

You can also use Whiteboarding to make your presentations more interactive and make any changes on the fly whenever you are creating something with your team — be it a spontaneous design, drawing, or a user interface discussion with the design team. By using HELLO Touch and whiteboarding, you can also have access to any digital whiteboard session and switch to video calling and vice versa at any time you want.

2. Employee Engagement

Employees now can connect and communicate no matter where they are in real time. This encourages teamwork, mutual understanding, and collaboration between the employees.

HELLO 2 and HELLO Touch TV have increased the way companies collaborate and how employees bond with one another. This increase in employee engagement allows employees, co-workers, and managers easily to connect with each other, participate in the company’s tasks, and be a part of the decision-making processes.

3. Improved Efficiency of Employees   

As mentioned earlier, digital communication has a positive impact in the workplace, especially when it comes to larger companies. With HELLO 2 and HELLO Touch, you can focus more on your work and your specific tasks. Time management is very important in today’s workspaces, especially for companies that thrive to meet all their deadlines and goals they have set for themselves.

By investing in HELLO 2 and HELLO Touch, you will improve not only your efficiency, but also the overall efficiency of all the employees. You will optimize your time management, create a productive environment, meet all the deadlines, achieve great results, and satisfy all your clients’ needs, no matter where they are located.

4. Productive Business Operations

HELLO 2 features help you keep the business fully organized. Employers and managers can keep everything on track and easily supervise workplace activities via the Camera Feed Feature of HELLO 2.

HELLO 2 and HELLO Touch TV have already increased collaboration between office members and have helped many organizations get positive outcomes as well. Whether your team is all under one roof or spread out across different time zones, HELLO 2’s many features allow you to be in many places at the same time, greatly increase your chances to interact and network with more people from all over the world, and enhance your business communication and operations on a deeper level.

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