Easy and interactive meetings with HELLO Rooms Controller


What is our HELLO Rooms Controller?

HELLO Rooms Controller is a software-based app which is used to control HELLO 2 — a powerful, End-to-End Encrypted video communication solution for huddle rooms and conference rooms of all sizes. 

With HELLO Rooms Controller your meetings become easy and interactive. You can control your meetings directly from your iPad and invite participants, toggle on/off your audio and video, switch between grid and list view, and more. 

Don’t have a Touch TV? No need to fret. You can still use the digital whiteboarding feature by annotating directly from the HELLO Rooms Controller. Use it to invite participants to your whiteboard session, draw lines and shapes, and annotate on top of an image or a document.  

To set it up you need to take 3 easy steps:

1) Install the HELLO Rooms Controller App in your Android Tablet or iPad App

2) Scan for nearby HELLO Devices 

3) Select the HELLO Device you want to connect to

Office 365 and Google Calendar integration can be used to control and initiate meetings to your HELLO 2. Pair your calendar, choose meetings from any app, and start them on your HELLO Device. 

HELLO Rooms Controller Key Features:

● Make Unlimited Video and Audio calls

● Quick setup to install HELLO Rooms with Office 365 or Google Calendar

● Start a meeting and invite your HELLO Devices or other participants with just one touch

● Use the HELLO Rooms Controller as a remote controller to navigate throughout the HELLO interface

● Change between different HELLO Modes with just a click 

● Dial-Out to any number from the HELLO SIP

● Use Digital Whiteboarding directly from the HELLO Rooms Controller 

● Control tilting and lock or unlock the Meeting Rooms

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