HELLO 2 Communication Device Grabs Industry Awards from Trusted Platform for Software Reviews


Overflowing email inbox, missing information, and failing to disseminate updates are only some of the struggles organizations face with the lack of effective communication.

That is why we built HELLO 2 to be an end-to-end, fully-encrypted communication device to provide users with a tool that delivers crystal clear video and audio calls between users to ensure smooth and effective communication. With that, we are delighted to share with you that industry experts think the same.

We are thrilled CompareCamp granted us their Great User Experience and Rising Star awards. These are given to deserving products after a careful evaluation of their team of experts, and we’re glad that HELLO 2 is one of their distinguished communication platforms. CompareCamp is a website that provides comprehensive SaaS reviews of various software solutions.

Based on the HELLO 2 review, the capability that stands out for our product is its video and audio calling capabilities. Combining hardware and software features, HELLO 2 delivers a solution that enhances communication and collaboration, especially for teams working remotely. Moreover, here are the factors that landed us the Great User Experience accolade:

With our top-notch communication device, more users are looking at HELLO 2. Hence, we are also distinguished with the Rising Star award of 2019.

If you want to learn more about HELLO 2, feel free to schedule a live demo HERE. In the meantime, read CompareCamp’s review of our product.

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