Order HELLO 2 Bundle on Amazon and get $100 OFF


Spring is almost here and we are in the mood for launching a new campaign.

We’ve seen a great interest in HELLO 2 bundles lately and we would love to keep the momentum going. That is why we are now offering a $100 discount for anyone who buys a pack of two HELLO 2 devices on Amazon.

Keep in mind that this is a limited-time offer that will not last for long so use it to your advantage.

Order your HELLO 2 Bundle on Amazon

With 4K HDR Sensor, 4 Beamforming Microphones for noise cancellation, 152° FOV as well as Alexa Voice Assistant  & Google Assistant, feature-packed

HELLO 2 is the ultimate TV companion that you can use for:

Find more info HERE.

You can also pass this offer along to your family and friends so you can all communicate via HELLO 2 devices.

Interested to get a LIVE DEMO of HELLO 2? We would be happy to schedule a live demo at any time that is convenient for you, so you can see HELLO 2 in action before purchasing it. Schedule here.

Thank you,

HELLO Solaborate Team

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