True love knows no distance with HELLO 2


"All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt." — Charles M. Schulz

Yes! A little chocolate doesn’t hurt at all. But we would love to take that quote further and say that a device which helps you stay closer to each other at all times doesn’t hurt either. Quite the contrary.

Valentine’s Day, the sweetest time of the year is almost here, which reminds us how difficult it might be for couples all over the world who are in long-distance relationships.

In times when you are not physically close to your special one, there is always a way to stay connected with them via traditional forms of communication. But don’t you think your special relationship deserves more than this? Something more than conventional methods of staying in touch with each other when you are miles away and an entire ocean separates you?

HELLO 2 is an innovative device that transforms your TV into a powerful communication device that lets you make high-quality audio and video calls as well as use wireless screen sharing to share the most special moments of your life.

Not being physically there for each other is not a valid excuse anymore! You can still share your best moments, memories, your biggest plans, but also your doubts, and fears with HELLO 2. You and your partner will be just a call away no matter where you are located.

HELLO 2 also has Alexa Voice Assistant integrated to help you with anything you may need. Schedule an important event, find the perfect place you can travel and meet each other, and even call your sweetheart for you whenever your heart wishes, by just asking Alexa to do it.

Alexa Voice Assistant can go as far as sending a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates to your special one, no matter where they are so you can make any special day feel even more special, with just a little help from HELLO 2 and its integrated voice assistant.

Feature-packed HELLO 2 is also End-to-End Encrypted! We know how important privacy is to everyone. To make you feel secure at all times, we’ve made sure to offer the ultimate security, preventing any third parties from deciphering anything that you send to each other so you can communicate freely at all times.

To take privacy to another level we have also integrated two built-in hack-proof privacy buttons for audio and video, so you can have a peace of mind that no one is watching or hearing you. Whenever you activate these buttons, the microphone and camera lines are physically cut from the system (going into the SoC), so no software can control them.

They say you can’t buy love or happiness... but what you can buy though, is the perfect communication device that will be there for you to make your long-distance relationship work, and at the same time keep your love alive and strong.

At the moment we are offering HELLO 2 device with 25% OFF, but we want to give you even more reasons to smile on this special day. That is why we are also offering another 10% discount whenever you enter this special code: “hellolove” at checkout on our HELLO Store.

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Happy Valentine's Day from all of us!

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