4 Ways Video Conferencing can Change your Business for the Better


From Edison’s Telephonoscope, Hugo Gernsback’s Telephoto, Jules Verne’s Phonotelephote in his “In the Year 2889” story to the Jetsons Videophone – the science-fiction history of video communication goes way back. It started 138 years ago, to be more precise. Even though it was predicted by many that video calls would be a part of our daily life after the year 2660, it seems like this long-dreamed-of tool, luckily for us, has come a few centuries earlier.

Our desire and need to stay connected at all times and be able to see each other’s faces, environment, and facial expressions has ‘pushed’ us to make video communication a reality that can continue to improve our lives. During the last decades, companies and businesses of all sizes have realized how much they can profit from video conferencing.

Here are 4 ways video conferencing can change your business for the better:

1- It can boost productivity and efficiency

We all know how much important and personal face-to-face meetings are. But in a world where a company’s customers and team are not always located in the same room, or even in the same continent, video-conferencing can still make people engage and communicate freely with each other in real-time.

Phone calls, emails, and messages can only help people communicate to a certain point. Video conferencing, on the other hand, can reduce misunderstandings, help make decisions much faster and increase focus among teams during meetings. This boosts productivity and makes meetings more efficient.

Even though you cannot be at a certain place in person, you can still feel like you are just a few feet away from them through live interacting and being able to see each other’s facial expressions. All these benefits can also help you speed up your competition game.

2- Enhance business opportunities and save money, energy and time

Time is priceless and there is no argument against it. That’s why it’s very important to use video conferencing to attend meetings with your team or clients no matter where all of you are located without having to spend time, energy and money to travel from one place to another.

Meetings take enough time on their own so why wait for your flight at the airport, then fly for several hours to another country, spend a lot of money throughout this process and then arrive jet-lagged at your destination – wishing you were taking a nap instead of having to attend the exact meeting you sacrificed your precious time, energy and money for.

With video conferencing, you can attend meetings in real-time with just a few clicks and use the time left to build even more business opportunities and work on strengthening relationships with customers and teams even more.

3- Improve your hiring process

Scheduling interviews for potential employees that are located very far away from your offices can be expensive and time-consuming, which in many cases ‘obliges’ you to not search outside of your talent pool area.

Video conferencing is an easy and effective way to not only reduce costs and traveling time, but it also allows you to seek employment opportunities wherever you want. Distance and travel expenses are no longer an obstacle in your way and you can conduct multiple interviews from anywhere you or the interviewees are located.

4- Add value to your business

Unable to spend lots of money and waste time on business travels, many companies use video conferencing to achieve lifelike interaction with their team as well as their clients. Being able to show people a certain product, app or a presentation via video calls and explain in details using facial expressions and body language, can have a greater effect on keeping all members engaged and more focused.

Maintaining and strengthening current relationships, as well as creating new relationships with prospective clients is becoming way easier through video conferencing. That’s because a live video conferencing is much more personal than just making a phone call or sending an email. 

In a world where face-to-face communication is fading away every day, keeping an eye on not losing connection with your clients and teams all over the world is vital.

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