Why Communication Tools Are Vital to Freelancers


Modern companies are increasingly choosing the remote form of work to reduce costs, simplify workflow, and be able to concentrate on the result more than on the process of completing tasks. And to perform tasks that are not key to the company's activities, for example, filling the site with content or developing a brand in social networks, cooperation with freelancers becomes the most profitable option. 

However, sometimes it is hard to have real communication between freelancers and other team members. In this regard, the competent use of modern means of communication becomes key. And it's not just the toolkit that will be most convenient, but also the right way for them to be used by all team members. In this article, we will explain why communication applications are so important in the work of freelancers and remote employees as well.

Communication Tools Are the Only Way to Be in Touch with a Remote Model of Collaboration

Yes, you might have thought that it sounded rather trite, as this is obvious, but it is a fact. The modern model of remote work has become possible only thanks to technology and the possibility of communication within the dedicated remote teams.

Even those companies that do not use the work of remote employees or freelancers prefer to communicate within the company only with the help of specialized or corporate tools. With this approach, all discussions that were held without the use of these applications, verbally or by telephone, are not considered working communications.

In the case of freelancers, the use of applications for communication allows you to track the history of correspondence from the very beginning of cooperation, fix the initial agreements in writing and return to the wording of controversial issues if necessary.

Communication Tools as the Instruments to Provide Better Customer Service

A freelancer is by nature a person with flexible thinking and the same approach to work. Using various means of communication, allowing the customer to make a choice of the method, time and place of communication, a freelancer of any direction automatically improves the level of services provided.

One of the latest principles of marketing, which is personalization is valid in this case. By personalizing, among other things, the ways and tools of communication with each individual customer, the freelancer has another chance to show the seriousness of their intentions and the importance of each client.

Very often, the client and the freelancer are in different time zones. This is due to the different cost of work of a specialist of the same profile in the labor markets of different countries. For example, American and European companies prefer to hire programmers from Ukraine or Russia to get the maximum quality of work done at an adequate cost. And if the time difference with European countries is small, then it is obvious that America, Russia, and Europe live according to different work schedules.

Using modern means of communication convenient to the customer, a freelancer can adapt to his schedule, even being in different time zones, and offer the maximum convenience and efficiency in performing tasks.

Remote Communication Tools as a Way to Prove Your Professionalism

The connection between people around the world 24/7 and written online communications still do not give an opportunity to see gestures, hear intonations and analyze the expression of the interlocutor's face.

For this reason, misunderstandings between the freelancer and the customer arise. And here the freelancer has the opportunity to demonstrate professionalism as much as possible. In practice, this means asking an adequate number of clarifying questions, choosing the most convenient time for a call or video call, being more flexible in choosing applications for communication, and being able to be available at any time of the day. 

Linda Grandez, a freelance writer at WowGrade and Studicus, follows this approach and say that “Being flexible in online communication with the customers is one of the main things that allow me to retain them.”

In addition, not having the opportunity for personal contact, the skill of online communication is key for a freelancer of any profile. He or she must be able to transmit his experience remotely, prove the seriousness of his intentions and show competence.

HELLO 2— a great audio and video conferencing solution

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  8. And so much more!

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