Privacy in the age of Internet of Things


The Internet of Things at its maturity stage will bring about an abundance of data from all our smart devices. This abundance of data will translate into a more efficient lifestyle, be it in communicating, collaborating, home management, office management, surveillance management, health maintenance, and much more.

Technological devices capable of many functions will be the foundation of IoT. Devices such as smart watches already have functions such as monitoring heart rate, sending messages, answering calls, and so on. These functions will get broader and better with time and progress in technology.

Another device that is currently cruising with the IoT wave is the End-to-End communication device called HELLO 2. This device is capable of numerous functions and features ranging from video & audio calls, home automation, wireless screencasting and screen sharing, voice assistants, camera feed with motion detection and night vision, TV streaming, Live broadcasting, digital whiteboarding, and more. This device is also compatible for installing any Android app, Gaming and more. This all in one device caters to homes and offices, for a better communication and collaboration environment with all its features.

Privacy is a huge concern for the emerging IoT devices and services. As connectivity increases, the risk of privacy breaching increases as well, because of the interconnectedness of numerous devices which are more susceptible to cyber attacks.

HELLO 2 has two hardware buttons to disconnect the microphone and camera. These two preventive measures are invaluable when it comes to privacy concerns.

These two built-in privacy buttons provide a physical prevention method for potential attackers accessing the camera and microphone. That said, one can turn off the camera and microphone feeds at any time one feels the need for an unbreachable private time.

Compared to its predecessor which launched in 2016, HELLO 2 has a significantly improved hardware and software. Given the progress rate of technology as a whole and the progress of IoT technology, HELLO 2 strives to improve at the same rate and offer a myriad of features and a strong belief towards stronger and resilient privacy measures and controls.

Find more info about HELLO 2 and Pre-order on Indiegogo.

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