HELLO 2 - redefining HR and providing a solution towards digitization


Traditional HR practices and systems are limited to physical person to person communication, but in today's digitalized world, this approach is a setback for organizations’ efficiency

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Powerful, End-to-End Encrypted HELLO 2 Communication Devices are now LIVE on IndieGoGo


After reaching over $430K (1400%+ funded) on Kickstarter, we have officially launched feature-packed and fully End-to-End Encrypted HELLO 2 communication products on IndieGoGo.

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How to Choose the Right Video Conferencing Device?


A brief look into the history of video conferencing and what you should look for in a video conferencing device before buying.

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How is digital learning going to change schools and education?


Technology makes education easier and more accessible. There is a broad variety of information that can advance students’ creativity.

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Becoming An Entrepreneur In The 21st Century


Becoming an entrepreneur nowadays does not require you to invest a lot of money either, and you can have a remote team that can work from anywhere they like.

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