4 Ways Video Conferencing can Change your Business for the Better


Here are 4 ways video conferencing can change your business for the better

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7 Tips How to Make Remote Communication as Efficient as Possible


Here are some tips for freelancers to improve online communication with potential customers.

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Easy and interactive meetings with HELLO Rooms Controller


With HELLO Rooms Controller your meetings become easy and interactive. You can control your meetings directly from your iPad and invite participants, toggle on/off your audio and video, switch between grid and list view, and more.

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Future Communication Devices Everyone Will Want to Own


Can you imagine your life without a smartphone? No, you can’t. But twenty years ago, people didn’t have smartphones and their lives were perfectly fine without them. Today, your smartphone meets all your current needs and you’re not even thinking about more advanced communication devices.

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Reinvent Your Business Today With IoT in 6 Easy Steps


Most top executives will tell you now of the transformative power of IoT - an industry already worth hundreds of billions of dollars, worldwide. Are you using it?

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