say hello to the future

The World's Most Powerful Communication Device

Supports any Android App

Install Your Favorite Video Apps on HELLO

Video & Audio Calls

Unlimited End-to-End encrypted video and audio calling for free

Digital Whiteboarding

Real-Time Video Conferencing & Digital Whiteboarding

Build in Voice Assistant

Use your favorite Voice Assistant

Creator Edition

Open and programmable communication platform for creators

say hello to the future

The World's Most Powerful Communication Device

Real Time Video Conferencing & Whiteboarding

HELLO Television
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HELLO Gadget Extensions

HELLO Gadget Extensions are a collection of connected products that enhance communication and interactions with HELLO devices.

HELLO Controller

A new way to play your favourite games through your HELLO.


HELLO Button

A re-programmable smart button to control things around you with one simple click.


HELLO Creator Edition

HELLO Creator Edition is built for creators who want to change the way how we communicate and experience TV.


Open and Programmable Communication Platform

The Solaborate open and programmable platform allows anyone to create hardware and software to extend the use cases of the world’s most powerful communication platform via APIs and SKDs!


HELLO Messenger

A new communication platform that empowers you to be great at what you do. HELLO Messenger lets you message, video call, digital whiteboard and collaborate with the people you need to stay productive on any device.








HELLO Messenger is Cross-Platform

Use HELLO Messenger from any device or browser.

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HELLO Supports any app

Sign up on HELLO Messenger to get started


HELLO Messenger for Web

No need to install anything, HELLO Messenger is already in your browser.

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HELLO Messenger for Mobile

Available for Android and iPhone.

Get Messenger for Android Get Messenger for iOS

HELLO Messenger for Tablet

Available for iPad, Android tablets

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Real-time Whiteboarding

Real-time video conferencing & digital whiteboarding


Apple Watch

Accept and transfer calls to your HELLO device using the Apple Watch

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Android Wear

HELLO Messenger in Android Watches coming soon

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Intelligent and Secure Communications Platform

We are live on IndieGoGo, back us now!


    To use HELLO Messenger on your computer:

  1. Open HELLO Messenger on your phone
  2. Tap Plus or Settings and select Scan QR code
  3. Point your phone to this screen to capture the code
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